The future belongs to those who embrace new technologies and innovative methodologies. To be a leader in the information age, one needs to equip himself with the latest and the best training that will provide him cutting edge over competition.

RICT is a team of software professionals with its head office in Kapurthala, RICT mission is to impart world class education and training in the field of IT sector and also provide web development.

Our core strength lies in our highly experienced and skilled human resources who are competent enough to provide a wide range of career and professional courses and training that are in-depth and conceptually strong.

We understand, students approach the education & training institutes with diverse needs : some aspire to make a career in IT, some office executives seek an advancement in their field, some IT professionals desire to sharpen their skills. RICT fulfills their needs by providing a comprehensive array of courses that are thoughtfully designed to meet every need.

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